Sovico Group has been both the founderand member of management boards for severalleading Vietnamese banks sinceVietnamese private banks first started to operate in the 1990s.

Sovico Group is the biggest shareholder of HD Bank, which was established in 1990s with the aim to be a leading retail, SME and consumer bank. HD Bank offers its customers a wide range of convenient products and services in finance and banking.
In an effort to promote a green and diverse ecosystem, covering finance and banking, retail, consumption, aviation, telecommunications, and more,while embedding major clients such as Vietjet, HDSaiSon and others, HDBank has enjoys the highest growth rates in the banking industry for many consecutive years. From 2008 – 2018, HD Bank has grown 20 told. The bank’s credit rating is at B1 according to Moody’s.

HDBank is featured on the VN30-Indexand in terms of market capitalization and liquidity is in the Top 20 Shares. Also, the bank is one of the eight largest commercial banks in Vietnam according to rankings by Asian Banker.